Return of the G.O.Ds

A humble start
A simple job

So we begin this campaign with some simple hero’s doing a simple job.
We will start with Dug (played by Krista) a seemingly average sword for hire but with much hidden potential for greatness. And at her side the Gud (played by Gabriel) the wizard. While just a neophyte in the arcane arts he seems fast to learn new things. With them was bright eyed gnome named Smith that wasn’t much more than a boy trying to make good with a sword arm.
Having done a few good deeds and making a small name for themselves they decided to startup a modest adventure team for glory and gold. Taking a seemingly simple job of guard duty for a merchant to keep things peaceful on a wagon trip from Loc More to the township of Newholme they settled in. The merchant and his personal assistant/guard Silas moved on ahead on speedy horses as the two of our story took the old wagon laden with average goods and the slow but sturdy wildebeest to pull it.

It was actually a pleasant trip for the most part. Just the three of them and the wagon in the woods was almost like a paid holiday. But as most things nothing stays good forever.

Just a few hours ride away from the outskirts of the destination they approached the corpses of the merchant’s horses. Smith in his youth approached without delay to inspect the scene and was rewarded for his curiosity by an arrow to his midsection.
Orc Archers laying in wait had ambushed the party! Undaunted by his wound the gnome charged with flashing blade. Gud and Dug started to rush the battle but were waylaid themselves by an Orc berserker.
Dug was able to withstand the attack as Gud ran to safety. Together they were able to overcome the marauder but not in much time to help the brave Smith. He dragged himself into the bushes as our hero’s took to the archers. It would have been ok but more Orcs showed up and made for tight battle.

Well for Dug anyway, Gud never actually came out from behind the trees…but he is a wizard and you know wizards…they can be a bit…timid, at times you know.

So anyway they get down to the last Orc and have a bit Q&A that turns out to be semi-helpful. Armed with little information they decided to move the wagon of goods into town with and come back for the missing dwarf with reinforcements. Besides Smith was badly hurt and he earned some dues.
The local militia was of little help as most were already out on assignment dealing with bandits, but they managed to acquire a few low end deputy’s and get Smith healed up.

The Orc prisoner that made a map for them in an attempt to save his life (whom is to be tried and killed anyway) so they followed that to a camp and with true beginner gusto they attacked with no plan or stealth involved. Well what can I say, a camp full of enemies is not a “lets rush in and see what happens” type of scenario.
The Paladin that was with them died rather fast for a paladin. But to his credit his initial charge with sweeping great sword and dragon breath did do much to open the pinch point the archers would have used to kill all of the party. This with the luck of the gods as the camp boss’s seemed to not be present, saved what little ass’s the small group of inexperienced hero’s had.
As it was everyone was handed a great amount of lethal damage (except for the wizard of course, he again spent the entire fight hiding in cover) and the dwarven fighter actually fell to his doom several times.
If not for Dug stripping the healing potions from the dead Paladin She and the rest of them would have been dead. So yea…Paladins come in handy even when dead.
Eventually they looked to be winning the fight until FINALLY the camp bad guys showed up. From a tent right in the middle of the fight even!
A Necromantic Shaman of considerable power and his big club welding henchman that took no delay and entered the fight.
This would have been a hard fight even on normal terms but the hero’s were already hurt bad and out of tricks. Dug was sorely pressed to keep standing and had uncanny trouble with her sword skills. The Orc however had no performance problems. And there was still at least one archer left plucking arrows into the party.

Things was bad for sure and to be honest even as a narrator I can hardly describe the chain of events that saved them. Just when things seemed like this was going to be an obituary for a one day campaign things changed. Probably it all started with the archer running out of arrows and he had to rush in with his saber, not a good idea with an acid spraying wizard hiding in the bushes. Then hero’s discovered the big beefy Orc may hit like a giant but was as slow and easy to hit as a barn and concentrated all on him as a easy kill. And without a guard to block for him a Shamanmancer is an easy kill. He cast a powerful morph spell on the last remaining orc changing it into an enormous monster to finish off the party as he escaped. The spell was a bit much for him and the morph only lasted a very short time but it was enough to let him dive back into the tent he came from.
The fight ended suddenly as the morph faded and the monster turned back into a simple orc with nothing but a loin cloth and a hefty stick. His pleas for mercy went unheard in a gurgle as he was set upon by the party.

With a bit of careful searching the party discovered the tent had a rug with a false bottom leading into a tunnel.
So we end the story as thus
The Shamanancer has escaped unharmed; no info on the missing merchant McGreedy or his assistant has been recovered yet, and the party is heavily wounded and running low on supplies.
The start of the next story involves the return of the local guard and the mercenaries it hires to help. So who will be coming to the show?

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