It’s been a long time since all this started
The chain of events that shaped the world we have now

Events that have turned to stories
The stories led to the myths
Myths begat the legends
And the legends have become but fables
Tales whispered to children as parents tuck them awake at night.

Yarns of how the world was before the intervention and the gods came down from the heavens to live among us.
Spiels of how the races existed in constant war and hate with each other and if not for a few random heroes here and there we would have lived in total ruin.

Until the gods decided to make Faerun clean with flood and fire and save us all.

“Saved” is a funny word for it Maztah thought to himself and he trudged the river road. It looks more like “subjected” to his ancient eyes. As one of the so very few that still remember the BC time (Before cleansing) he did not see things in the same way as most others.
Yes things where hard back then but is it any better for them now?
The gods tell them how to act, how to live, how to work, how to look, and even how to think. Nothing new there but now the rules come from their very mouths and disobedience is punished by their very hands. Altercations are rare with the gods watching but humanoids are still what they are. Greed and malevolence still exist in small portions away from the temples and armies of the faiths.
The message taught there is as long as you stay close to your god you are safe.

The general public may call this peace but as for Maz he calls it slavery and it’s not like the wars have stopped. The gods are not without their pride and can’t stand each other. The battles between them are constant with either cold espionage or outright bloodshed.
But it’s ok if it’s in the name of the gods…right?

Faith can be a cruel master of the masses.

In the opinion of Maztah this farce needs to stop. The peoples of this land will never grow or advance as long as they live under the yoke of the gods. The gods need to be ousted from this world so the races can evolve one way or another and become beyond the need of the gods.
Maztah was one among the short list in the multiverse that knows how that can be done, and even rarer among that list is the fact that he is willing to do such a thing.

He just needs to find some heroes, ones with heart and mind to save those that cannot save themselves.

Yes there is still a need for adventurers and in these dismal woods he nears the spot he hopes to find such a group…

Return of the G.O.Ds